How effective is your marketing…

…and what do you need to do to improve it?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could be doing more with your marketing, or if in fact you are doing remotely the right thing, then you’re in the right place.

I can help you to discover everything you need to know to be more effective with your marketing and provide the means to measure your progress.

Come along to my ’10 Steps to Marketing Effectiveness’ webinar and you’ll be heading in exactly the right direction in no time at all.

It all starts with a strategy…

Being more effective with your marketing all starts with having a strategy. If you are being responsive and reactive, you could be missing big opportunities to communicate with your target audience and convert them into paying customers. There are huge benefits to having a strategy;

Get a clear direction

You’ll know exactly what you need to reach your goals and ensure that all your effort is going in the right direction.

Gain a competitive edge

Stand out from the competition, highlighting your USPs and show why you are the superior choice.

Optimise your offering

Knowing your customers’ needs & behaviours will let you tailor your products, services, and your messages better.

Optimise your resources

Make better use of your resources by focusing on the most effective channels.

Branding consistency

Build trust and credibility across all your channels by reinforcing your brand identity.

Flexibility & adaptability

With a strategy you are able to take advantage of market changes and opportunities as they arise.

Measurable results

You can measure how effective your efforts actually are and keep doing the right things.

Long term growth

A strategy lays the groundwork for growth. By continually refining the process, you position yourself for long-term success.

10 Steps to Marketing Effectiveness

When exactly is it?

It takes place every second Tuesday of the month at 1pm. Get in touch for the Zoom link to come along and see what it’s all about.

The awkward upsell

If you find yourself in a marketing nightmare, I have some good news. I have a range of options that will allow you to get your marketing strategy sorted. From group sessions to 121 workshops, there is something for all budgets. Explore your options below.


Group masterclass
Learn how to do your own marketing strategy in a group setting.

121 Masterclass
Learn how to do your own marketing strategy in a 121 setting.

Done for you
Access the learning but have the strategy done for you.

Need to know more?

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